Emergency Response Hotline 1.800.899.7745

The reporter experiences a “ride along” with Cliff Berry II at the Fort Lauderdale yard during this informative news feature. Cliff Berry, II explained why responding the emergency situations can be difficult. “The challenge is the response is so diverse,” he said as he showed the reporter some of the equipment that is needed to respond to different types of hazardous spill emergencies. Adding to that challenge is that trucks are often mislabeled, and truck drivers may not always thoroughly understand the danger of what they are hauling.

Jon Hines, VP of Regional Operations, was also interviewed, Jon explained that a hazardous spill could seep through sand and soil until it hits the groundwater. If not contained and removed quickly and properly, hazardous spills can endanger the quality of water or air we breathe.

The reporter pointed out that CBI partners with Broward County and private businesses in response, cleanup, and remediation efforts. Team CBI should be proud of this news story and of the work that they do every day! When viewing this story, you will see that the CBI coverage begins at 2:57.

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