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Cleaning and properly disposing of hazardous materials is what Cliff Berry, Inc does daily. Responding to, containing, and removing hazardous materials in emergency situations is just another day at work. But CBS News Miami took a closer look at the CBI’s work and its importance to the community. The investigative report focused on the hazards on our highways with trucks transporting materials that, when involved in an accident, can have dire consequences for our environment, health, and safety. CBI was featured in the piece. Now the public at large will have a much clearer picture of the importance of the work conducted by the dedicated CBI team.

Cliff Berry Inc. (CBI) names Patrick Collins Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Cliff Berry Inc. (CBI) has announced that Patrick Collins has joined the company as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Collins will report to Cliff Berry Jr, President,and CEO, and will be based out of the company’s headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Collins will be responsible for the overall operations of CBI and will work closely with CEO Cliff Berry Jr to implement the strategic vision and growth of the company.

Patick Collins

Cliff Berry, II Receives Golden Compass Award

October 2021

At the 25th Annual International Golden Compass Awards Gala, the 2021 Golden Compass Award was bestowed upon Cliff Berry II. This award is given annually by the Seafarers’ House, a not for profit founded in 1989 and provides a welcome refuge to seafarers from over 80 countries each year. Seafarers’ House hosts nearly 150,000 crew visits annually, more than any other agency in North America, providing mariners with practical care and spiritual support.

Ninety percent of everything we use, consume and wear comes to us aboard cargo ships. Seafarers spend months at a time, year after year onboard these ships. That means time away from family and friends. The hours are long, the work is difficult, and Seafarers’ House offers a place of welcome and rest along with friendly faces in a foreign land. Pastoral services, wire transfers, access to Wi-Fi, food, shelter, transportation and emergency services if needed are just a few of the things crew will find when they reach the Seafarers’ House.

For more than 20 years, Cliff Berry, II dedicated his time and passion for the mission to Seafarers’ House. “The Berry family’s support of Seafarers’ House has been instrumental in our ability to serve Port Everglades maritime community, especially during these most difficult times,” said Seafarers’ House Executive Director Jennifer Stewart. “We are grateful for the family’s decades-long generosity, which has had such a positive impact on the lives of our seafaring community.”

The prestigious Golden Compass Award recognizes those who have achieved distinction in the maritime industry, those whose vocation or avocation has been the sea, or those who have ministered to or otherwise assisted seafarers. Cliff Berry, Sr. received the award 20 years ago.

About the award, Cliff Berry, II said, “My father founded our company six decades ago and grew it into a nationally recognized powerhouse that I now have the privilege to lead. He dedicated his life to Port Everglade’s maritime community. It is such a privilege and honor to be able to follow in his footsteps in receiving this award.”

Find out more about Cliff Berry, II’s dedication to all things maritime and why he received this award HERE

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Pictured: Glenn A. Wiltshire, Secretary Fort Lauderdale’s Seafarers’ House, Cliff Berry, II, Jonathan T. Daniels, Chief Executive and Port Director, Port Everglades. (photo from October issue of On Deck)

The prestigious Golden Compass Award is recognized throughout the marine industry. So much so that Jonathan T. Daniels, Port Everglades Chief Executive and Port Director recognized the accomplishment in the October issue of the Port Everglades On Deck Newsletter.

Cliff Berry, Inc. Proud to Partner with Corona’s Protect Our Beaches and United by Blue

June 2021

After 60years in environmental, health and safety, Cliff Berry, Inc. (CBI) was chosen to work in conjunction with United by Blue on the Corona Protect Our Beaches project. Cliff Berry, Inc. (CBI) worked on location with a team from United by Blue that sharea common commitment to renewing three environmentally sensitive areas that are also important recreational areas and are under intense pressure to support wildlife diversity and growth alongside encroachment from population centers. CBI’s efforts show that it is still possible to reverse the effects of pollution in a very short time as long as we have the support and commitment of responsible companies like Corona and United by Blue. “It’s gratifying to see Corona take such a forward role in reversing the effects of pollution in such a substantive and direct campaign” stated Steve Collins, ESOH Director at CBI. “South Florida is my backyard and welcomes stewardship from Corona, United by Blue, and local recreational users to return it to pristine condition.”

CBI worked for weeks in planning for this project, with scheduling personnel, vehicles, and heavy equipment, as well as, providing daily field and safety management of multiple crews over the threedistinct locations. Tons of waste materials, including 31,278 pounds of plastic, were removed from canals, ditches, roadsides, and levees;freeing ecologically sensitive and riparian plants to grow naturally and support an ecosystem that is now able to cope with the stresses of recreational use as well as support a large diversity of wildlife for which Florida is known worldwide.

This project demonstrates CBI’srole in the world at large and our commitment to and interest in reversing the adverse effects of prior generations and providing a cleaner environment as part of the inheritance for generations to come. The project also engages the current generation of consumers and shows them that they have an ally, a company that cares to put both practice and profit at work to make a better world for them to enjoy.

More about Corona’s Protect Our Beaches HERE

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protect beach

CHWMEG Audit a Success!

CBI MIami certified by CHWMEG

The CBI Wastewater Pre-Treatment Plant in Miami successfully passed an audit by CHWMEG, a non-profit trade organization that promotes responsible waste stewardship around the globe.  CHWMEG specifically conducts comprehensive, independent reviews of facilities like our Wastewater Pre-Treatment plant that treat, store, dispose, recycle or transport waste.  Their in-depth auditing process examines the compliance and incident history, environmental and operational risk, and provides benchmark industry comparisons that ensure we are engaged in industry-leading best practices.

Click below to view the CHWMEG letter.


Certification Certification

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