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June 2021

After 60years in environmental, health and safety, Cliff Berry, Inc. (CBI) was chosen to work in conjunction with United by Blue on the Corona Protect Our Beaches project. Cliff Berry, Inc. (CBI) worked on location with a team from United by Blue that sharea common commitment to renewing three environmentally sensitive areas that are also important recreational areas and are under intense pressure to support wildlife diversity and growth alongside encroachment from population centers. CBI’s efforts show that it is still possible to reverse the effects of pollution in a very short time as long as we have the support and commitment of responsible companies like Corona and United by Blue. “It’s gratifying to see Corona take such a forward role in reversing the effects of pollution in such a substantive and direct campaign” stated Steve Collins, ESOH Director at CBI. “South Florida is my backyard and welcomes stewardship from Corona, United by Blue, and local recreational users to return it to pristine condition.”

CBI worked for weeks in planning for this project, with scheduling personnel, vehicles, and heavy equipment, as well as, providing daily field and safety management of multiple crews over the threedistinct locations. Tons of waste materials, including 31,278 pounds of plastic, were removed from canals, ditches, roadsides, and levees;freeing ecologically sensitive and riparian plants to grow naturally and support an ecosystem that is now able to cope with the stresses of recreational use as well as support a large diversity of wildlife for which Florida is known worldwide.

This project demonstrates CBI’srole in the world at large and our commitment to and interest in reversing the adverse effects of prior generations and providing a cleaner environment as part of the inheritance for generations to come. The project also engages the current generation of consumers and shows them that they have an ally, a company that cares to put both practice and profit at work to make a better world for them to enjoy.

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