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Industrial Maintenance, Collaboration, Risk Mitigation

Routine industrial cleaning and plant maintenance, together with plant and facility turn-arounds, are a core part of the services that CBI provides to its customers, including the following:

  • Industrial ServicesPetroleum products terminals and processing facilities
  • Chemical and petrochemical storage facilities
  • Utilities including telecommunications, water & sewer, and power generation plants and distribution facilities
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Petroleum and natural gas product pipelines together with associated compressor and pump stations
  • Aerospace and marine manufacturing

We take a collaborative approach with our customers. We look beyond simply mitigating risk to understand the business objectives of our clients and create solutions that deliver competitive edge and commercial opportunities.

CBI offers services to ensure that customers' projects are addressed and controlled timely and safely. All of our on-site personnel are certified & trained in environmental services and are 40-hour certified for working in hazardous environments in accordance with OSHA under 29 CFR 1910.120.

From project planning to completion, CBI can handle all phases of the project in strict compliance with federal, state & local regulations.

CBI Industrial Services provided:

  • Super Sucker & Liquid Ring Vacuuming
  • Confined Space Operations & Tank Cleanout
  • AST / UST Tank Management & Removal
  • On-Site Gamma Jet Tank Cleaning
  • Pigging of Lines
  • Facility Waste Management & Waste Reduction
  • Plant Decontamination / Decommissioning
  • Remediation Services
  • Industrial Water Treatment & Disposal
  • Dewatering & Filterpress
  • Drum Management / Handling
  • Fuel Filtering / Polishing
  • Project Management
  • Railcar, Tanker, ISO Tank Cleaning
  • Pump & Treatment Systems
  • Phase 1 & 2 Site Assessments
  • Lab Chemical Services

Marinas, Docks, Coastline, Open Water Responses

Cliff Berry, Inc. is a registered Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) with an extensive fleet of vessels and associated booming and oil skimmer response equipment. Our inventory includes over 100,000 linear feet of contractor spill boom strategically positioned throughout Florida for immediate deployment. Our support equipment consists of a fleet of approximately 100 tractors, trailers, roll-off and pump trucks to respond to over the water spill responses.

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In addition to our OSRO status, CBI also services the maritime industry for vessel tank cleanings due to factors such as a change in the type of product carried inside a tank, washing to allow the tank to be inspected or maintenance to be performed within a tank, or to remove deposit build up within the desired tank.

Tank and vessel cleaning is not just about getting the tank or vessel clean! The speed of the operation and the safety of the methods employed have a direct bearing on the true cost and value of the service. Personnel entering confined spaces face exposure to toxic chemicals and volatile atmospheres so CBI has developed a range of technologies and methods using tank cleaning heads, vacuum transfer systems and other pumping solutions to clean tanks for today’s ocean going vessels.

Port Servicability, Cruise Ships, Barges, Cargo & Containers, Maintenance Solutions & Logistics

At CBI, our depth of knowledge in confined space and tank and vessel cleaning remains unsurpassed. We have a permanent workforce, fully trained and skilled in the safe working practices associated with confined space entry, stand-by rescue for tank and vessel cleaning. Cliff Berry, Inc. is equipped with an extensive range of breathing apparatus and gas monitoring equipment along with extensive safety protocol to ensure that our clients’ confined space working requirements are safely and efficiently carried out.

CBI is also certified to conduct over the water transfers of petroleum products for vessels in accordance with 33 CFR 154, 155 and 156. Our personnel is certified as “Persons in Charge” and conduct operations consistent with USCG oversight. CBI has operations manuals reviewed & approved by the various USCG Sector Commands for all Florida ports as well as Savannah & Charleston enabling Cliff Berry, Inc. to service our clients throughout Florida and the eastern seaboard ports.

CBI Maritime Services Provided:

  • Vessel Tank Cleaning
  • Marine Fuel & Product Transfers
  • Marine Booming
  • Onboard Pipeline Cleaning & Inspection
  • Grey & Black Water Disposal
  • E Waste Removal
  • Confined Space Operations
  • Vessel Decommissioning
  • Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Disposal
  • Lab Chemical Services
  • Assessment and Remediation Services
  • Marine Chemist Certifications
  • Line Handling

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