CBI deploys over 7,500 ft. of Contractor Boom within “Bear Cut” in Miami.

In August of 2012, the USCG participated with federal, state and local agency personnel to work in unison with the National Response Corporation (NRC), Cliff Berry, Inc., Marine Spill Response Corporation, and additional environmental entities to deploy oil containment boom to test shoreline protection strategies and mitigation techniques in accordance with the South Florida Area Contingency Plan. This Tidal Inlet Protection Strategy exercise was aimed at testing the ability to protect Biscayne Bay from offshore oil that may enter through Bear Cut, and involved the deployment of approximately 7,500-feet of boom and 240 pieces of surrogate product including grapefruits, oranges and lemons across the channel. Bear Cut was chosen from other inlets in Miami-Dade County because of the complexity of its fast moving currents and the tactical focal point of the environmentally sensitive habitat of Biscayne Bay.

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